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Shoes & Burdens

I spend my days surrounded by shoes.  Lots and lots of shoes.

Manolo and Jimmy Choo fans need not be jealous.  Ugg devotees should have no worries.  Do those look like Manolo, Choo or Ugg boxes to you?

This shoe store caters to a different crowd.  While they might find an Ugg to be the most comfy thing they ever slipped a toe into, they might very well break a hip if they tried to wear a Manolo Blahnik. While not the most fashionable shoes –

they are so important for many, many people.  Like I said before, I take a great deal of pride in my job because of who I am able to help.. with a shoe!

Luckily, this isn’t the extent of the shoes that do keep me company.  We’ve got some gorgeous sandals.  Expensive?  Yes.  I love my employee discount and intend to take full advantage of it next summer.

(Cutest gladiators ever?)

We have some beneficial running and walking shoes.

And those toning shoes that actually work.  Yeah, we’ve got those too.


We even have them for professionals.

I love this place for more than just the shoes.  I have a grand total of 4 coworkers along with the 2 owners who are wholly devoted to this store and the guests that come to see us for help.  We function like a family and support one another which is something I have not experienced since my first job at Hallmark back in 1997.  Last week during my uber-meltdown, my bosses offered to do all that they could to help me obtain health insurance.  My coworkers signed a beautiful card for me and got me flowers.  They offered me a shoulder to cry on and a good hug.  I felt more secure about something than I had for a while and things are starting to take a turn.

I recently changed my car tuner to K-Love, a Christian radio station that I was introduced to when I was working at Hallmark.  I had not listened to it much recently, and can thank a passing bumper sticker for reminding me of its’ presence.  While listening today, the morning DJ’s spoke about one of the musical artists whose son suffers from a heart condition.  I clicked over to their website today and read the latest post.  They wrote an insert from a book called Wrestling with an Angel by Greg Lucas.  This excerpt was a huge wakeup call:

“I hear religious minded people say all the time with good intentions. ‘God will never place a burden on you so heavy that you cannot possibly carry it.’
My experience is that God will place a burden on you so heavy that you cannot possibly carry it alone. He will break your back and your will. He will buckle your legs until you fall flat beneath the crushing weight of your load. All the while He will walk beside you waiting for you to come to the point where you must depend on Him.
‘My power is made perfect in your weakness,’ He says, as we strain under our burden.
Whatever the burden, it might indeed get worse, but know this-God is faithful. And while we change and get old, He does not. When we get weaker, He remains strong. And in our weakness and humility, He offers us true, lasting, transforming, and undeserved grace.”

I am incredibly blessed.  I have a wonderful husband, family and network of friends and coworkers who constantly support me.  There will always be somebody nearby to turn to when things become hard.  I am now reminded that God is always close by and I need only call on Him for help.  I am ashamed to admit that I had forgotten that. 

I will likely still bake away some of the stress, but I feel encouraged knowing that it isn’t my only option – even if they make other people’s bellies happy!  Don’t fret.. there are still plenty of recipes in that cookbook that are waiting to be tried.

So, what do you turn to when you need to de-stress?  What makes you feel better?


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