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A dose of pep

I love a good pick-me-up.  Especially after yesterday’s events had me feeling just a tad bit grumpy.  Despite having issues with a friend of my parents yesterday, I still wanted to join them for breakfast at my favorite joint, The Broken Egg.  I was quite happy when my usual arrived (strawberry pancakes sans butter and hard-boiled eggs for easy yolk removal) and the same woman who made some unsettling comments said that she “finally understood.”  I’m not quite sure what her understanding was and I wasn’t about to ask, but it certainly helped her return to my good graces.  But in all honesty, doesn’t this

  look far more appealing than this?


I’d say that’s a no brainer!

Janetha hit the nail on the head today for me and I completely agreed.  I don’t choose what food I eat because I feel that I have to.  I eat it because I crave it; because I WANT to.  I get out of bed craving custard oats.  During lulls in my day, I crave Flat Out wraps with Laughing Cow, spinach and grilled chicken.  I don’t often look at corndogs and cry out with the gusto of Fat Bastard, “Get in my belly!”  5 years ago, that may have been the case.  I could have slathered that thing with mustard or ooey gooey cheese sauce and been a happy girl, but my taste buds made a big change when I did.  

I’m grateful for that.  I’m equally as grateful to awesome bloggers like Janetha, Susan, Lori, Lily, Jenna, Tina, Sarah, Kath, and Heather for constantly giving those taste buds new entertainment, because even custard oats becomes old news after a while, no matter what type of fruit or toppings you add.  I am also grateful that I am surrounded by a community of bloggers that find it okay to indulge once in a while; to skip a workout or two; to either get upset or not give a rat’s patootie how other people live their lives.  We all have weaknesses.  There are days that I can’t turn down a chocolate chip cookie.  A butter-filled, sugar-packed, chip-loaded “full-throttle” (what my Daddy calls them) chocolate chip cookie. 

Some days one of those cookies is all I need to be happy, but those days don’t swing by often.  Like I said yesterday, I feel better eating those oats, egg whites and fresh fruit!

 I feel better spending an evening with a new book;

 a good cup of hot cocoa;

a warm, cuddly soul;

and some good baseball (especially when the Yankees and Braves win).

I’m feeling 4 times better than yesterday!


Chocolates & Peanuts

Did you know it’s National Chocolate-Covered Peanut Day!?  There’s no better day to dig in to this

I’m glad I saved this from my Secret Valentine blogger gift


So yesterday morning was spent in my doctor’s office, nervously wringing my hands .  Momma came along with me (bronchitis and all, bless her soul!) and was great for appeasing my worries.  I come from a couple generations of cyst-prone women, so we figured that’s all my lump was.  In happy news, that’s all my doctor thinks it is, but I am going next week for an ultrasound just to verify her diagnosis.  I have high hopes!

After the appointment, we went to my favorite place (yes.. with bronchitis and all.  I love my Mom!!), Broken Egg, for lunch where I had this beast of a salad – a house salad (sans croutons) with grilled chicken and their own homemade balsamic-veggie vinaigrette.


So yummy and HUGE!  It was so big, in fact, that I kept knocking stuff off of my plate.  Sad – I like all of those veggies!

Today was food-photo and workout free because I woke up feeling like poo, again.  Maybe attempting a workout yesterday at 5:30 am was a bad idea.  I did manage to catch up on my sleep a bit today and will rely on Nyquil again tonight.  I am crossing my fingers to wake up feeling back to at least 90%.  I have a very hard time going 2 days in a row without physical activity.  I know it’s ridiculous (as my husband often tells me), but it’s just how my brain is programmed. 

Women’s figure skating calls – GO USA!!


Dear winter, please go.

I am now a devotee of early morning workouts.  I am not, however, a fan of the frigid temperatures that await me as I walk out of my front door.  I believe this has been the coldest winter that we have experienced in Hampton Roads in a very long time.  It’s cold.  It’s uncomfortable. And it’s just plain icky!

Luckily, it did not slow my momentum.  I’ve had really great workouts the past 4 days.  Let’s rewind, shall we?

Monday – Leg Day + 30 minutes HIIT elliptical and 15 minutes of steady-state elliptical

Exercise Weight Sets Reps
1. Leg Press 90# 1 10
  110# 1 10
  140# 1 10
2. Calf Press 90# 1 20
  110# 1 20
  140# 1 20
3. Dumbell Boxing 8# DBs   30 seconds
4. Side Lunges 15# DBs 3 5/leg
5. Front Lunges with Kick 15# DBs 3 5/leg
6. Jog     2 laps (1/5 mile)
7. Leg Extension 75# 3 10
8. Reverse Leg Curl 70# 2 10
  75# 1 10

Tuesday – find it here 

Wednesday – Back & Bi Day + 45 minutes of HIIT elliptical and 10 minutes of steady-state biking

Exercise Weight Sets Reps
1. High Row 60# 2 10
  70# 1 10
2. DB Cross Curl 10# DBs 1 12/arm
  12# DBs 2 12/arm
3. Rear-Kick Jog   3 2 laps (1/5 mile)
4. Back Extension on Ball Body 3 15
5. Incline DB Curl on Ball 12# DBs 3 12
6. Jump Squats   3 15
7. Kneeling Bench Row 30# 3 8/arm
8. 21’s 10# 3 21..duh
9. High Knees   3 30 seconds

I had some SERIOUS issues during this workout.  During my first set of kneeling bench rows, I pulled my left trap.  I have never had pain that strong in my shoulder – so much that it radiated down my entire arm and lasted a good 2 minutes.  It was like having a charlie horse in the arm.. ugh!  Once it subsided and I stretched a bit, I continued and felt ok for the rest of the day.  It’s pretty sore now though!

Thursday – Chest & Tri Day + 65 minutes of steady-state elliptical (avg HR = 144) and 15 minutes of steady-state crosstrainer elliptical (avg HR = 127)

Exercise Weight Sets Reps
1. DB Chest Press 20# DBs 1 10
  25# DBs (woot!) 2 10
2. High- Pulley Overhead Cable Tricep Extension 40# 1 10
  45# 1 10
  50# 1 10
3. High Knees   3 30 secs.
4. Incline DB Chest Press 15#  3 10
5. Bench Dips Body 3 8
6. Jump Plie Squats   3 15

Not gonna lie.. the weight-lifting was sorely lacking today, but after 65 minutes of cardio, I didn’t have much strength left in me for the weights.  I’m sure I’ll make up for it tomorrow! 

I’ve been a bit lazy with the food pictures.  It’s been pretty monotonous due to work, but I FINALLY remembered to capture my favorite meal at my favorite breakfast joint, The Broken Egg in Chesapeake.  Yes, I did eat part of my breakfast yesterday when I finally remembered that my camera was nearby, but it was heavenly –

Blueberry pancakes (no butter + sugar free syrup) and fresh fruit.  They never do me wrong!

They also serve Tazo teas so I had a Zen green tea to go along side my yummy jumpstart!

After work last night, I wanted a snack that wasn’t popcorn (shocker, I know!).  I am really trying to incorporate some protein if I need a snack at night, so I ventured into the world of custard-ish oats.  I cooked 1/2 C in the microwave with a bit of water.  About halfway through the cooking, I added 2 squirts of Egg Whites Int. (about 2.5 whites), and some frozen berries and finished cooking.  What I got was a HUGE bowl of oats that were super yummy!

My oats somehow don’t look as pretty as my fave bloggers, but I’m sure they tasted just as good!  Breakfast food for snacks just feels so right.

This morning, I returned to a more traditional breakfast. 

Egg Whites + spinach, 1/2 Sun Dried Tomato Flatout with Laughing Cow + fruit.  I love this combo and it keeps me full for several hours on only about 350-400 calories (depending on how much fruit I have).  Yes!

And now – a new snack to go with my hot cocoa and then it’s off to work!  Gotta tell ya, I really like this Kashi Crunchy Chocolate Caramel Bar, and it’s stats.  Maybe because it’s got whole pieces of popcorn in it..  maybe.

Work calls!


Go Vikings!

Currently, they’re up 14 to 7, but it’s only just begun..

It’s been another great weekend!  I just love actually having these 2 days off.. I could definitely get used to this.  I spent most of yesterday relaxing, after an early workout, of course.  It felt so good, after 2 rest days, to return to the gym for a hardcore session.  It looked a little something like this:

Squat with bicep curl 15# DBs 10 x 3
Chest press with skull crusher 10# DBs 10 x 3
Bench hop overs   30 seconds x 3
Stiff-legged deadlift with Row 40# BB 10 x 3
Reverse lunge 40# BB 10 x 3
Mountain climbers   30 seconds x 3
Lunge on Bosu with lateral raise 8# DBs 10 x 3 each leg
Bosu pushups    10 x 3
Bosu hop overs   30 seconds x 3

I sandwiched it with 20 minutes of intervals on the elliptical and was wiped!  Breakfast called, so I headed home to make hubby some eggs and relax for a bit.  We had good intentions of going to see the Imax 3d Avatar flick, but it was sold out!  After being open so many weeks, we were stunned.. and disappointed.  So we appeased ourselves at Uno’s!  Steve enjoyed their turkey, bacon and swiss sandwich (on bread that rocked my face).  I had the spinach, chicken & gorgonzola salad, minus most of the gorgonzola and the glazed nuts.  It rocked harder than Steve’s pretzel bread.  We walked our lunch off through the mall and were, again, shocked at how many people were out!  I’ve never seen the mall so crowded, except at the holidays!

The rest of the day was spent relaxing.. but shouldn’t all weekends be that way?  Today started with a breakfast at The Broken Egg and another gym visit for Leg Day!

Leg Curl 60# 10 reps
  65# 10 reps
  70# 8 reps
Leg Press 70# 12 reps
  90# 12 reps
  110# 12 reps
Calf Press 110# 15 reps x 3
Bulgarian Split Squat 10# DBs 10 reps x 3 each leg
Bosu Hop Overs   30 seconds x 3

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