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Chocolates & Peanuts

Did you know it’s National Chocolate-Covered Peanut Day!?  There’s no better day to dig in to this

I’m glad I saved this from my Secret Valentine blogger gift


So yesterday morning was spent in my doctor’s office, nervously wringing my hands .  Momma came along with me (bronchitis and all, bless her soul!) and was great for appeasing my worries.  I come from a couple generations of cyst-prone women, so we figured that’s all my lump was.  In happy news, that’s all my doctor thinks it is, but I am going next week for an ultrasound just to verify her diagnosis.  I have high hopes!

After the appointment, we went to my favorite place (yes.. with bronchitis and all.  I love my Mom!!), Broken Egg, for lunch where I had this beast of a salad – a house salad (sans croutons) with grilled chicken and their own homemade balsamic-veggie vinaigrette.


So yummy and HUGE!  It was so big, in fact, that I kept knocking stuff off of my plate.  Sad – I like all of those veggies!

Today was food-photo and workout free because I woke up feeling like poo, again.  Maybe attempting a workout yesterday at 5:30 am was a bad idea.  I did manage to catch up on my sleep a bit today and will rely on Nyquil again tonight.  I am crossing my fingers to wake up feeling back to at least 90%.  I have a very hard time going 2 days in a row without physical activity.  I know it’s ridiculous (as my husband often tells me), but it’s just how my brain is programmed. 

Women’s figure skating calls – GO USA!!


Being Thankful

It’s been a very full and fulfilling 3 days!  A quick update on the possible family boom – it will still be just Steve & I.  I took the new kitty to the vet on Wednesday morning.  We found he was already neutered, did not have FelV or FIV and was a very healthy feline.  I went ahead and scheduled his declaw (as a precaution if he stayed with my parents and their other cat).  It turns out that he will be staying there.  They introduced him to Jack (the other furry guy already living in the house):

Jack loves the dryer!  In any case, my parents went ahead and introduced them.  Jack was a bit reluctant, but I hear he is acclimating very well.  So my parents have 2 cats again.  Steve & I have wanted to adopt to needy kittens at the same time, so we will hopefully be doing so in the next few weeks!

After the vet visit, I had to run to the store and pick up some last-minute Turkey Day ingredients.  I was in a hurry to finish before going to work and was clearly not paying attention to my surroundings.  I heard my name called and found my dear friend, Pam, who I have known for nearly 22 years standing in the produce section.  Since she now lives in Miami for work, it was completely unexpected and very exciting!   Here we are at my parents house eons ago:

I only had time for a brief catch-up before work, but she promised to swing by the gym on Thanksgiving to see me while I was working.  Feeling a little better about going to work, I headed home with my fabulous ingredients – lots of fruit for a giant fruit salad and stuff to make my homemade cranberry sauce to take to the in-laws:

And amazingness from the Harris Teeter salad bar for lunch:

Something about getting chicken or spinach for the exact same price per pound feels rewarding!  I don’t touch the HT salad bar dressings, though.  Other than oil & vinegar, they have yet to put something light or low-fat on the bar.  I bring it home and add about a Tbsp of Wishbone Bountifuls.  It’s full of veggie or fruit chunks.  So good!!

I also packed some goodies to get me through my 9 hour shift:

My snacks are sadly lacking in protein, but I usually more than make up for it in each meal. 

That brings us to Thanksgiving…

I worked the 8am-4pm shift at Bally.  I assume we were open for all of the people who want to burn the dinner off prior to eating it.  I got another pleasant surprise a few hours into my shift.  Pam came by, but she brought someone with her – her brother Aaron, who just returned from Iraq!  He lived in Alaska prior to his deployment so it had been years since I had seen him.  So thrilling! 

I had very limited time to throw together food and pack my camera, so all of our Thanksgiving festivities went digitally unrecorded.  Shame.  It was a spread to be proud of – turkey, whole wheat rolls, roasted sweet potatoes with apples, cranberry sauce, collard greens, green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, ambrosia and fruit salads, cucumber and dill salad, and, of course, pumpkin pie.  I was good – I promise!  I love turkey and collards so much that I usually fill up on them before I have a chance to try anything else.  I am so thankful for all that I have been blessed with, including my amazing husband.  Oh yeah, I’m a lucky girl!

My parents

Also, my in-laws, copious amounts of wonderful, supportive friends, my health and home.  I am especially thankful for everyone after having gone through so much this summer – the loss of an aunt and uncle, a grandfather and a cat, who was more like a friend; my skin cancer diagnosis and the stress of unemployment.  There is NO way that I could have survived so much without the people who I love.  I am so blessed to have their love and presence in my life. 

I only pray that everyone finds the love and blessings that I have found.

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