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Tofu Timidity

I am far from timid when it comes to using firm tofu.  In fact, I WISH I had one of these puppies so that I had an excuse to cook it more often.  I did pick up something new this afternoon, however.

I haven’t done anything with silken tofu before, but after this morning’s hour-long cardio session, I really wanted a thick, refreshing smoothie and I have seen many a blogger smoothie made with tofu.  It was my time and I think I did purty darn good!

Tropical Tofu Treat

50 g silken firm tofu
1/2 C frozen pineapple chunks
1 clementine, peeled and sectioned
1/2 tsp xanthan gum
1/2 tsp guar gum
splash of sugar free vanilla syrup
4-5 ice cubes
Throw in a blender and blend the heck out of it until thick and smooth.  Bottoms up!

I knew it wouldn’t quite fill me up for lunch so I also indulged in 1/2 pint of Arctic Zero Chocolate Peanut Butter.  Tried this stuff yet?  It’s deeeelicious and doesn’t provoke guilt when I eat the whole thing.  I questioned the actual nutritional content (and emailed the company) because the numbers didn’t quite add up when I calculated the amount of carb, fat and protein grams and how many calories each gram produces.  Their response is right on the website:

“Looking at the previous pints of Arctic Zero (ie. 128 and 136 calorie pints), one had to ask whether the calorie count was off. How did one serving of a pint of “Chocolate” provide 32 calories per serving when it had 11 grams of carbs and 4 grams of protein? Shouldn’t it have been 60 calories?

We would get the standard 4 calories per gram nutrition question several times per day (I was one of those questions). Per the FDA requiring us to do so, we had to list total carbs on the label regardless of whether they had an impact. In addition to our proprietary ingredients, we also utilized the patented Whey Low sweetener that had been on the market for more than a decade. Whey Low contains 75% fewer calories than traditional sugar, and because only 25% is absorbed by the body and it has a 70-80% lower glycemic index to boot.”

I haven’t read too much on Whey Low, but I intend to.  It almost sounds too good to be true because it sure is yummy!   How can they prove how much is absorbed and processed? I’d love any info if anyone has experience with Whey Low sweetener.  So far, I’ve tried this flavor, Chocolate and Cookies N’ Cream.  I prefer the C N’ C, but it’s harder to find.  I really want to get ahold of the Pumpkin Spice and Vanilla Maple flavors.

Today turned into an unplanned meat-free day and I feel great!  I had apple-cinnamon custard oats and yogurt for breakfast and dinner and am currently munching on a giant bowl of hot popcorn with salt and garlic powder. These meat-free days are going to be far easier for me than for Steve, but that’s ok.  I am definitely ready to experiment in the kitchen.  And even if he never caves to those whims… Well, more tofu for me!



A new year. A new taste.

I feel like I just said that to 2010 and, suddenly, here we are again.  It really is a true kick-in-the-ass to see that 12 whole months has already flown by and here I am, forced to consider what I actually accomplished in those 12 months.  Did I actually meet or surpass the goals that I had established for myself last January.  Let’s discuss that, shall we?

1. Continue improving my health – I’d say this is partial pass and partial fail.  I definitely was lacking in backslides – in fact, there were several and they manifested themselves in different ways. I did find new ways to work on my physical well-being.  I delved into kettlebells, returned to spinning (although I’ve only been twice in the past several weeks.. it’s a start), regained my love of dark chocolate (1 square daily) and finally admitted to my husband that I can eat things with fat in them and be okay with myself.  It won’t kill me and I will not gain all of my weight back. 

2. Find the positive in all things – When I wrote this goal last year, I did not realize how all-encompassing and difficult it would be.  Remaining positive ALL THE TIME is terribly difficult if not impossible.  How silly was I to think I could do this consistently?!  Granted, there are plenty of occasions that I was content “being in the negative” and those were the times that I needed to stick with this goal most.  I definitely need to be able to dissect any situation or obstacle and see what good things can result.  Noted.

3. Strengthen my relationships – Done!  Many times over! I definitely formed stronger bonds with my husband’s family during our time in Hawaii.  Not only that, but I learned about some of my weaknesses while there and faced them with Steve.  We became closer through those moments and, even after nearly 10 years together, I think that he knows how to push me past those weaknesses.  I definitely had to rely on my own family this year through personal financial struggles.  Before that, I knew that they would always be there for me and they proved it.  I could not survive without my parents, my grandmother, and my aunt and uncle.  I love them more than I will ever be able to tell them – more than I will ever be able to show through actions.

With last years successes (and slip-ups) in mind, it took me a few days to decide what I wanted to accomplish this year – some very detailed goals and some broader goals. Without further ado..

2011 To-Do’s

1. Get the heck out of this condo – We’ve had innumerable issues (parking, toilets) with this place but the ac/heat issues were the icing on the cake.  Our landlord yanked us around and around before finally agreeing to completely replace our unit.  He wouldn’t even give us a rental discount  to offset our outrageous bills. Two years here will be more than enough!  I’d like to be in the position to buy a place this summer, but we’ll see..

2.   Complete a 10K – The longest distance I have run (without stopping) is just over a 5K.  Given my knee issues, that was a bit of a struggle, but I look forward to pushing myself outside of the gym as hard as I do when I am inside!

3.  Get out of credit card debt – Not including student loans, I have about $6,500 in credit card debt.  I paid that down in the past year, but I also spent a good deal of the year unemployed so the balance crept back up again.  I now have a steadier income and I think this is totally doable!  I can’t imagine how good it will feel to not have to pay this monthly nuisance on top of loans!

4. Take steps to finish my M.S. or a certificate program – I shortchanged myself in 2009 when I let student teaching keep me 7 credits shy of finishing my Master’s degree.  If I don’t complete it this year, rejoin the program or enter a medical certification program (to supplement my Biology degree), I will definitely be disappointed in myself.

5. Cook more vegetarian/vegan meals for the husband & I – I discovered a few days ago that I can make some killer vegan food (recipe to come).  I’d like to cook at least one meatless dinner each week (not necessarily on Mondays) and create meals that even my husband will love.  This could be hard.. he’s a straight-laced eater who could live off of Taco Bell and Subway and generally eats one of those options daily and would be perfectly happy with soup and sandwich every night.  Here’s to broadening our horizons!

I think these are perfectly attainable goals and I am very excited about working towards them this year.  It promises to be a good one – especially if my Omah’s New Year’s Day luck repeats.  We scratched about $25 worth of scratchers and ended up with $254!  We are 2 women who never win a thing, so it was pretty darn exhilarating! 

Welcome, 2011!  I sure hope you’re good to everyone this year.

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