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sweet, brave success

It’s no big secret – I’m an Atlanta Braves fan through and through.

I’ve sat through rain at Turner Field for hours, only for the game to be called.  We “Brave”d Atlanta traffic 24 hours later to watch them the following night.

I’ve forced (okay.. maybe he looks like he’s having fun) Steve to sit through games with me.

In fact, I’ve made him sit through several!

I’ve accumulated many, many pictures of this gentleman (and his behind).  Yes, that’s Chipper Jones and next to Tom Glavine, he is my favorite Brave of all time.

I can’t help it.. I’m maybe slightly obsessed.  So, of course, it was a sad day when he was injured early this season and had to sit on the sidelines for the remainder of it.  Last weekend, we ventured up to D.C. to see my beloved Braves play the Nationals.  While I was impressed with the stadium,

their awesome food offerings,

and the fact that they honored an awesome Braves manager,

I couldn’t hide my disappointment that the Braves lost another game so close to the postseason!  Luckily, they pushed through and clinched the Wild Card spot for the National League.  Thank goodness!

I can now enjoy my breakfast.  It’s also no secret, if you’ve paid attention, that I love my sweet breakfasts.  Berry-topped oats, berry-topped pancakes, yogurt sweetened with Stevia and topped with cereal.  It’s almost too sweet to handle!  I need a break from the sweet and a return to the savory.  But, I can’t just turn my back on the end to my sugar cravings.  So what’s a girl to do?  Compromise!

Half sweet and half savory!

An egg puff with broccoli (and a hidden wedge of Laughing Cow Garlic & Herb) + Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats with peaches and strawberry syrup

I thoroughly missed my egg puffs.  Not to mention how much I missed my Laughing Cow!  If you didn’t get your fill of seeing these last Fall, be prepared to see more.  I actually found this to fill me up as much as custard oats and yogurt for about 100 fewer calories.  It’s a win-win situation.

But.. I still craved some more sweet later in the day.  Trust me, the news about the Braves making the post-season was not enough.  Enter Starbucks Vanilla Rooibos hot tea. 

 I need NO stevia with this drink.  It’s slightly sweet and perfectly spicy.  I successfully satisfied my sweet tooth today.

What is the best thing to satisfy your sweet tooth?


Dear winter, please go.

I am now a devotee of early morning workouts.  I am not, however, a fan of the frigid temperatures that await me as I walk out of my front door.  I believe this has been the coldest winter that we have experienced in Hampton Roads in a very long time.  It’s cold.  It’s uncomfortable. And it’s just plain icky!

Luckily, it did not slow my momentum.  I’ve had really great workouts the past 4 days.  Let’s rewind, shall we?

Monday – Leg Day + 30 minutes HIIT elliptical and 15 minutes of steady-state elliptical

Exercise Weight Sets Reps
1. Leg Press 90# 1 10
  110# 1 10
  140# 1 10
2. Calf Press 90# 1 20
  110# 1 20
  140# 1 20
3. Dumbell Boxing 8# DBs   30 seconds
4. Side Lunges 15# DBs 3 5/leg
5. Front Lunges with Kick 15# DBs 3 5/leg
6. Jog     2 laps (1/5 mile)
7. Leg Extension 75# 3 10
8. Reverse Leg Curl 70# 2 10
  75# 1 10

Tuesday – find it here 

Wednesday – Back & Bi Day + 45 minutes of HIIT elliptical and 10 minutes of steady-state biking

Exercise Weight Sets Reps
1. High Row 60# 2 10
  70# 1 10
2. DB Cross Curl 10# DBs 1 12/arm
  12# DBs 2 12/arm
3. Rear-Kick Jog   3 2 laps (1/5 mile)
4. Back Extension on Ball Body 3 15
5. Incline DB Curl on Ball 12# DBs 3 12
6. Jump Squats   3 15
7. Kneeling Bench Row 30# 3 8/arm
8. 21’s 10# 3 21..duh
9. High Knees   3 30 seconds

I had some SERIOUS issues during this workout.  During my first set of kneeling bench rows, I pulled my left trap.  I have never had pain that strong in my shoulder – so much that it radiated down my entire arm and lasted a good 2 minutes.  It was like having a charlie horse in the arm.. ugh!  Once it subsided and I stretched a bit, I continued and felt ok for the rest of the day.  It’s pretty sore now though!

Thursday – Chest & Tri Day + 65 minutes of steady-state elliptical (avg HR = 144) and 15 minutes of steady-state crosstrainer elliptical (avg HR = 127)

Exercise Weight Sets Reps
1. DB Chest Press 20# DBs 1 10
  25# DBs (woot!) 2 10
2. High- Pulley Overhead Cable Tricep Extension 40# 1 10
  45# 1 10
  50# 1 10
3. High Knees   3 30 secs.
4. Incline DB Chest Press 15#  3 10
5. Bench Dips Body 3 8
6. Jump Plie Squats   3 15

Not gonna lie.. the weight-lifting was sorely lacking today, but after 65 minutes of cardio, I didn’t have much strength left in me for the weights.  I’m sure I’ll make up for it tomorrow! 

I’ve been a bit lazy with the food pictures.  It’s been pretty monotonous due to work, but I FINALLY remembered to capture my favorite meal at my favorite breakfast joint, The Broken Egg in Chesapeake.  Yes, I did eat part of my breakfast yesterday when I finally remembered that my camera was nearby, but it was heavenly –

Blueberry pancakes (no butter + sugar free syrup) and fresh fruit.  They never do me wrong!

They also serve Tazo teas so I had a Zen green tea to go along side my yummy jumpstart!

After work last night, I wanted a snack that wasn’t popcorn (shocker, I know!).  I am really trying to incorporate some protein if I need a snack at night, so I ventured into the world of custard-ish oats.  I cooked 1/2 C in the microwave with a bit of water.  About halfway through the cooking, I added 2 squirts of Egg Whites Int. (about 2.5 whites), and some frozen berries and finished cooking.  What I got was a HUGE bowl of oats that were super yummy!

My oats somehow don’t look as pretty as my fave bloggers, but I’m sure they tasted just as good!  Breakfast food for snacks just feels so right.

This morning, I returned to a more traditional breakfast. 

Egg Whites + spinach, 1/2 Sun Dried Tomato Flatout with Laughing Cow + fruit.  I love this combo and it keeps me full for several hours on only about 350-400 calories (depending on how much fruit I have).  Yes!

And now – a new snack to go with my hot cocoa and then it’s off to work!  Gotta tell ya, I really like this Kashi Crunchy Chocolate Caramel Bar, and it’s stats.  Maybe because it’s got whole pieces of popcorn in it..  maybe.

Work calls!


We do it better at 6am

I refer, ahem, to 6am spinning classes.  Wow, did my butt get kicked!  My legs were screaming at the top of their lungs!  I am definitely okay with a 5:15 am wake-up call and I am definitely okay with getting my weight lifting on.  I am, however, not okay with keeping a steady heart rate of 160+ for 45 minutes.  Oy.. I seriously need to work on some endurance!

Before spin class, I worked bi’s and back:

  1. Concentration DB curl: 10 reps x 3 with 15# DBs
  2. Kneeling bench row: 10 reps x 3 with 30# DBs
  3. Cable bicep curl: 10 reps x 3 at 30#
  4. Straight-arm cable pressdown: 10 reps x 2 at 50#; 10 reps at 60#
  5. Sadly, the weights ended there.. I didn’t have enough time before the 6am start time for spinning.

I was super hungry when I returned home.  My pre-workout snack of 2 Suzie’s spelt cakes disappeared quickly.  Whipped up a yummy plate of spinach/mushroom egg white puff + Flat Out & LC + teeny weeny grapes

It hit the spot!   The rest of the morning was half-relaxation/half-laundry with a dash of cleaning.  I had a more normal work schedule today of 1pm-7pm.  I’m hoping this will last because it allows me to be at home to make my hubby some dinner.  That’s not a luxury that we get more than once or twice a week.  Yeah, it stinks, especially because I love to cook!  Before work, I noshed on some Flat Out wrap goodness.

Flat Out with LC, curly leaf spinach & Morningstar Chick’n Strips Meal Starters + a gala

These things –  are muy bueno!  Just be careful not to over-nuke them or they become super chewy.  I learned that lesson the hard way.

The gym tonight was insanely busy for a Tuesday.  Clearly, the “resolutioners” are still sticking with it!  I came home to a warm heating blanket to cuddle in before making spaghetti! 
Dessert also hit the spot.

Light Rye Wasa + Walden Farms Calorie-Free Caramel Dip + hot cocoa with Unsweetened Almond Breeze

Dr. House is waiting for me to watch his shenanigans from last night.  I must not keep him waiting!


Early workouts and Chocolate cheerios

I had the earliest workout ever this morning.  It was fabulous; the gym was quiet;  I was pumped!



Elliptical Warm-up 20 minutes 152 Avg. HR
Overhead Shoulder Press 15# DBs 10 x 2
  20# DBs 10
3-minute jog    
Bent-over Lateral Raise 10# DBs  10 x 3
3-minute jog    
Front Raise 10# DBs  10 each arm
  12# DBs  10 each arm
Mountain Climbers 30 seconds  
Bent-arm Lateral Raise 30# 10 x 3
Bike Cool-down 15 minutes 133 Avg. HR

I came home to a yummy breakfast – Egg white puff with broccoli & mushrooms + Flat Out with PB2 and SF cherry preserves + pineapple & clemmy

I was very, very happy to also see an email in my inbox that led me to this:

My life just improved about 10-fold! Even with the corn syrup, I can’t hide  my excitement.  May lightning strike me..


Heat returns!

Just as I was starting to become accustomed to temperatures of 30 degrees (not..), the weather has the nerve to warm up!  Squee!!

It’s been a GREAT Saturday.  I’ve spent nearly every moment of it with my hubby, minus the 1 1/2 hours in the gym this morning.  But I must rewind to Friday, so that I can insert this fabulous flashback:

Yep, that’s me in 2002 with my beautiful cousin, Madison.  Look at those tiny hands!  We ran into her with her mom (my cousin, Jen), Jen’s boyfriend, Ray, and their new son, Conner at breakfast last weekend.  I can’t believe how much she has grown up. 

Here she is as “Cake Face Maddy” in 2004 at my college graduation party:

I need to find some updated pictures, but when I saw her last weekend, I was just astonished at how quickly time has gone by!

In any case, the events of yesterday were pretty routine.  I didn’t have any desire to drive to the gym in the morning, so I did a Jillian Michaels Cardio workout on On Demand.  It was a kick-booty circuit routine with resistance training and quite a bit of plyometrics mixed in.  I admit, I thought it would be terrible, but it was not that bad. Despite her inability to work out to the tempo of the background music (something I didn’t realize was important until yesterday), it was a good burn.

I gobbled up a familiar breakfast after:

I “root for the cute”:

These breakfasts seem to hold me for a while, but I always scarf it down after my workout.  I am trying to work a bit harder on slowing down my eating and enjoying meals. 

Lunch was later and, again, another familiar sight before I went to work.

Herb-roasted turkey, spinach and Garlic Herb LC on a Sun-dried Tomato Flat Out with some clemmys and apple that wouldn’t fit in my work to-go bag.  Yum!

I also attempted my first batch of kale chips before work.  While they tasted good, some of the smaller pieces were a bit overdone while the larger pieces stayed a bit chewy.  Next time = even pieces!

Even the overdone pieces were pretty tasty.  I sprinkled it with salt and a little garlic powder (cuz that’s how I roll) before baking.

Today was much more relaxing and I was fully motivated to hit the gym!  Pre-workout snack was just the right size!

I repeated Janetha’s circuit workout from Wednesday and added a new circuit courtesy of Jillian Michaels.  Each circuit was repeated 3 times.

  1. Hill climbers for 30 seconds
  2. 180-degree jumps for 30 seconds
  3. Jumping jacks for 30 seconds
  4. Jump squats for 30 seconds
  5. Scissor jumps for 30 seconds
  6. Burpees for 30 seconds

The last circuit did it.  Stick a fork in me!  Time to head home for crepes with hubby (well, protein pancakes with blueberries for me!).  I was on a roll today!  I had so much energy after breakfast that I cleaned our condo from top to bottom.  I can’t even explain how happy it  makes me to be in a home that’s as clean as mine is!

Dinner came with a little help from TJ’s!  I used their marsala wine simmer sauce:

I used turkey cutlets instead of chicken, added another package of fresh, sliced baby bellas and about 3 Tbsp of chives.  This will be repeated post haste!  Steve & I both loved it!

I’m sitting here sipping a cup of excellent green tea that my lovely friend, Pam, gave me from India.  I had to purchase a tea diffuser to enjoy it (since I never have loose-leaf tea), but I’m so glad that I can now.  It’s easily one of the best cups of green tea I’ve had:

In fact, I think it’s time for 1 more cup..


14 days and counting..

Am I the only one who REALLY can’t believe Christmas is in 2 weeks?!  Where did this year go?  I suppose wedding planning/execution/job changes/moving/family emergencies/health issues made it go by so quickly… but more on those when I look back on 2009.

Other than my sinuses dealing with the ups and downs in temperature (70 one day, 40 the next), it’s been a great week for some of the following reasons:

  1. Perhaps the most amazing reason – my parents!  Not having a full-time job since graduating and marrying in May has taken a HUGE toll on my finances.  My savings was depleted and I managed to rack my credit card up higher than ever before.  Thanks to my wonderfully generous parents, that is not a stress – at least for a while!  I still need to find that full-time gig, but I need not worry as much.
  2. My very first “Flashback Friday” – inspired by Brie & Susan.  I think since this is my inaugural “Flashback Friday”, I’ll take it way back.. .. to my very first Christmas.  This was taken with my great Aunt Doris and great Uncle Albert at my Omah’s (mom’s mother) house.  Clearly, I was a very, very fat baby and spoiled rotten – especially by Uncle Albert.  He was more like a grandfather to me than an Uncle.
  3. Amazing new food finds including some ginormous Gala apples and oranges and Light Flat Out Wraps, which made for an awesome dinner at work. And they’re high in fiber and protein.  Score!


4. The discovery of the awesomeness that is very early workouts!  I have been setting the alarm to get to the gym by 7am which is good for 2 reasons – the rest of my day is wide open and the gym is completely empty!  I don’t have to deal with smelly, obnoxious men in the weight room or with  having every piece of cardio equipment occupied.  That doesn’t happen until about 8:30 or 9. 

5. Delicious breakfasts to look forward to after my workouts

I am such a sucker for a good egg white pillow and some toast with melty Better N Peanut Butter.  I wish they were paying me for all of the word-of-mouth advertising that I am giving them.

Well, I’m off to try and complete some Christmas shopping!  Toodles!


Is the family booming?

Well, the day started on a good note.  Out of bed at 5:15 for the 6am hot yoga class.  I was definitely off of my form in class today.  My ankles and left knee were killing me!  Usually, I have slight pain in my left knee from my years-old dislocation injury, but I could not figure out the ankle issues.  I’m taking a full day off from any workouts tomorrow, so that should help with the healing.  I have another reason to take tomorrow off, but I’ll get to that..

After yoga, I came home and I could feel a migraine threatening to take ahold, so I headed back to bed.  Dozing on and off seemed to help it subside so I made a late breakfast – mushroom, chive and garlic powder (oh yes..) egg white pillow with Trader Joe’s low cal wheat bread and sugar-free apricot preserves.  It looked a little something like this:

I absolutely love this bread.  I buy one loaf every 3 weeks or so and it lasts that long (if not longer) in the fridge.  It’s pretty amazing and filling. 

I spent the rest of the morning finishing laundry and loathing it. Then I headed to Mom & Dad’s, which brings me to reason #2 that I will not be working out tomorrow.  In the morning, I will be taking this sweet fluffball to the vet!

About 6 weeks ago, I had to put my 17-year-old darling Frisky to sleep.  He stopped eating and was in liver failure, so we decided it was best.  Steve & I have talked about getting a new baby or 2 (since we won’t be having any human ones any time soon).  This guy was found in my parents neighborhood after a nasty Nor’Easter last weekend.  The woman that found him has not had any luck finding the owners, so my Mom (God love her) said that she would take him.  She didn’t want to see him taken to Animal Control, knowing he would soon be euthanized.  Sadly, most people want to adopt young kittens and not full-grown cats. 

We’re pretty certain that he’s about a year or slightly older and is as sweet as they come!  Steve & I will talk over dinner tonight about keeping him, but I’m pulling for it.  I sorely miss having a furry family member in my life.  I’ve had pets since I was born until we lost Frisky! 

After the visit to Mom’s to collect pictures and video of that guy, I came home and made some stir-fry for lunch/leftovers.  I used leftover teriyaki chicken breast, baby corn, fresh mushrooms and straw mushrooms.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s leftovers!


We’re heading to Plaza Azteca tonight for dinner and I can’t wait!  I think it has been over 6 months since I even stepped foot in a Mexican restaurant.  Bring on the fajitas!

Until later..

Hi Ya’ll!

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