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Living in the Hampton Roads area, it’s not unusual to meet someone or have a friend who, on a regular basis, is getting ready to send a loved one overseas.  Just this week, a client came into the gym and was told that he had only 12 hours to prepare – he was deploying to Haiti.

They need our help so desperately!  If you’ve looked me up today, please consider going to this website to donate – every little bit helps!

American Red Cross Haiti Relief & Development


Hi Ya’ll!

Hiya! I'm Heidi, a 28-year-old "retired" student living in Virginia. I am a newlywed and currently on the hunt for a full-time job that will use either my Biology or Secondary Education degree. In the meantime, I work in retail and at an event venue part-time. When I'm not working, I love to kill hours at the gym, scrapbook, and act as a domesticated diva to keep my hubby happy!