75% and apple chips

We’re nearly to Orlando – in Savannah, GA as a matter of fact.  As often as I visit Georgia, I have never been here and intend to eventually come back just to see the historic area and to mosey down River Street, eating a yummy praline from River Street Sweets

Ever had one of these?  My aunt occasionally brings them when they visit during the holidays and they make me so happy to be Southern!  If you need a chocolate fix, they can handle that too!  Their bear claws are simply amazing and more than enough richness to satisfy a sweet tooth!

Salivating yet?  Sadly, with only one night stay here, there’s no way I’ll get to their store this time around.  Trust me, I’m ok with that since we’ll be sitting in Orlando later this afternoon under sunny skies, unlike these that we saw nearly the whole way here:Don’t let those birds or the peek of sun fool you.  Those skies spelled doom for drivers and we had an onslaught of vision-hindering rain for at least an hour.  We did sidetrip to B.F.E., NC to see my parent’s new property.  They invested in it a few years back, right before the real estate market took a nosedive. 

It’s seen progress in the 3 years since, and by “progress” I mean 3 developed properties on a total of 100 lots. 

Great views.  Few neighbors. No amenities.. yet.

In any case, meandering sidetrips and speed-decreasing weather mean that car snacks are a necessity.  Luckily enough, I managed to whip up a convenient, healthy snack for the road (and I got to break out the food dehydrator again).  I really don’t use that machine enough!  I give you… dried apple chips!

Apple Chips

2 large sweet-tart apples (or any will do)

Food dehydrator

6 hours

Slice thinly and arrange on the tiers of your dehydrator.

Take a peek 4 hours into drying.

Bag ’em up 2 hours after that (less or more depending on your own machine) and throw ’em in the fridge.  Easy peasy! Just try keeping your travel buddies hands off of them.  Not so easy peasy!

Two large apples yielded a good sized bag and completely filled all tiers of my dehydrator.  I’d like to eventually buy a couple more levels and dry more at a time.  I also intend to do more experimenting with veggies.  I really have no reason for not using this thing more often!  The apple chips are amazing and very easy to throw into my gym bag for a post-workout treat!

We’re getting ready to see what’s in store for us at the continental breakfast.  I never have high hopes for such things, but we’ll see..

Until tomorrow… and Orlando!


1 Response to “75% and apple chips”

  1. 03/07/2011 at 5:09 PM

    I love dehydrated apple chips! I could eat them for days. My mom has two dehydrators with lots of levels JUST for apple chips. Yum.

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