Back to the norm

My tummy has been all out of sorts for the past few days, courtesy of bad food or a stomach bug.  Either way, it finally loosened its grip and let me have my life back, starting with an awesome cardio/upper body morning at the gym. 

  • 30 minute elliptical with intervals 
  Weight Sets Reps
Chest Flye 75# 1 15
  90# 1 8
  90/75/60# drop 1 4; 5; 3
5 stair runs      
Straight-Arm Pulldown 50# 1 12
  60# 1 10
  65# 1 8
5 stair runs      
Tricep Pressdown 60# 1 15
  70# 1 12
  80# 1 12
5 stair runs      
Dumbbell Concentration Curl 12# 1 15/arm
  15# 2 8/arm
30 seconds jacks      
30 seconds high knees      
Single-Arm Overhead Press 15#  2 10/arm
Kettlebell Swings 15# 3 20
  • 10 minute cooldown on the elliptical

900 calories in 75 minutes.. not too shabby! 

I really enjoyed my bowl of apple-cinnamon custard oats after this, but it feels almost inappropriate today as it is supposed to be 73 degrees.  On November 23rd… 73 degrees.  I’m not sure our trees, dressed for Fall, will know what’s going on!

I was on a roll this morning and decided to throw together another batch of White and Dark Chocolate Berry Bark using this recipe.  This time, I threw some Multi-Grain Cheerios on top:

The swirl is a bit better.  Practice makes perfect, I suppose!  My mom has already insisted that we make this for our Christmas plates.  It’s so easy to make huge batches for giving as gifts and it’s extremely affordable!

I’ve got another few hours to kill before work and with this much energy, I think I’ll use it to do some cleaning… or dog-walking.  With the latter, I can enjoy this beautiful day before it drops to the low 50’s on Thursday.  I think Maggie will appreciate if I choose the latter.  She clearly needs to get some motivation and some energy of her own!


What things do you try to tackle when you’re full of energy?

On a side note, check out my Steaz bottlecap from this morning’s sparkling raspberry green tea.  Yup, I sure am!  Who wouldn’t be with Thanksgiving 2 days away?!


1 Response to “Back to the norm”

  1. 11/23/2010 at 1:32 PM

    We have really no leaves left here and it is much colder. Today is really warm at 54 degrees LOL!

    When I have a lot of energy, I tend to clean.

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