sweet, brave success

It’s no big secret – I’m an Atlanta Braves fan through and through.

I’ve sat through rain at Turner Field for hours, only for the game to be called.  We “Brave”d Atlanta traffic 24 hours later to watch them the following night.

I’ve forced (okay.. maybe he looks like he’s having fun) Steve to sit through games with me.

In fact, I’ve made him sit through several!

I’ve accumulated many, many pictures of this gentleman (and his behind).  Yes, that’s Chipper Jones and next to Tom Glavine, he is my favorite Brave of all time.

I can’t help it.. I’m maybe slightly obsessed.  So, of course, it was a sad day when he was injured early this season and had to sit on the sidelines for the remainder of it.  Last weekend, we ventured up to D.C. to see my beloved Braves play the Nationals.  While I was impressed with the stadium,

their awesome food offerings,

and the fact that they honored an awesome Braves manager,

I couldn’t hide my disappointment that the Braves lost another game so close to the postseason!  Luckily, they pushed through and clinched the Wild Card spot for the National League.  Thank goodness!

I can now enjoy my breakfast.  It’s also no secret, if you’ve paid attention, that I love my sweet breakfasts.  Berry-topped oats, berry-topped pancakes, yogurt sweetened with Stevia and topped with cereal.  It’s almost too sweet to handle!  I need a break from the sweet and a return to the savory.  But, I can’t just turn my back on the end to my sugar cravings.  So what’s a girl to do?  Compromise!

Half sweet and half savory!

An egg puff with broccoli (and a hidden wedge of Laughing Cow Garlic & Herb) + Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats with peaches and strawberry syrup

I thoroughly missed my egg puffs.  Not to mention how much I missed my Laughing Cow!  If you didn’t get your fill of seeing these last Fall, be prepared to see more.  I actually found this to fill me up as much as custard oats and yogurt for about 100 fewer calories.  It’s a win-win situation.

But.. I still craved some more sweet later in the day.  Trust me, the news about the Braves making the post-season was not enough.  Enter Starbucks Vanilla Rooibos hot tea. 

 I need NO stevia with this drink.  It’s slightly sweet and perfectly spicy.  I successfully satisfied my sweet tooth today.

What is the best thing to satisfy your sweet tooth?


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