Berry Season

One of my favorite things about the oncoming heat?  The freshest berries imaginable!  We had some epic rain this past winter and the fields, according to the experts, are producing the best berries yet! 

It was a perfect 85-degree day and Brookdale Farm was calling out loudly to Momma & I.  Usually, it takes a good hour or so to pick 4 or 5 large buckets of berries.  Today, we were fully stocked in 30 minutes.  Check out my take!

Purty, no?  I am already searching for fabulous strawberry recipes.  Got any suggestions?  After breakfast, Momma & I met up with Omah for a post-election day catch-up breakfast.  There’s a place near us called Pop’s Diner which serves amazing breakfasts and has wonderful service.  I downed 4 egg whites and a fruit plate and it was oh so tasty.  My body needed some protein in a bad way..

Why, praytell?  Before berries and breakfast, I made it to the gym (by 5:30 am, no less) and got in a killer cardio/back & bi workout:

Elliptical 30 minutes  
Back & Bi’s    
Close-Grip Lat Pulldown superset with 50# 1 x 12
  70# 2 x 10
Cable Bicep Curl 50# 1 x 12
  60# 2 x 10
1-Arm Kneeling Row super set with 30# 3 x 10
Concentration DB Curl 15#  3 x 10/arm
Exercise Ball Back Extension   3 x 10

I’m really loving this time off!  I debated heading back for a 2nd round at the gym, but my ankle is throbbing a bit from yesterday’s Arc Trainer mishap and I decided to rest it tonight in preparation for tomorrow’s shoulder and leg session.  I have written out a doozy!  Good thing I have the Wakeup Call Challenge to get me going.  Who needs coffee?!

Time off is also giving me opportunity to make some seriously good dinners like a taco celebration with hubby –

I had leftovers to use up as well, so tonight I concocted a Morningstar Grillers/Veggie/Shirataki mash up (like a complex, exciting Glee mash up for the tummy).  Feast your eyes –

Yummy, but it still left room for an evening snack.  And since it’s 9:40, I better hustle!  Til tomorrow…


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