I read a recent post by Gina about utilizing an emotion to fuel your workouts.  For Gina and one of her readers, anger is sometimes used. 

This past year, I took part in far more “angry gym sessions” than I care to count.  I had been so angry about the loss of many family members (both 2 and 4-legged) and friends, my cancer diagnosis and my inability to find a job that I was happy with and felt truly needed in.  Mixed with the anger, I held in confusion and sadness.  It seemed the only thing that I could control was my gym sessions and the progress that I made.  It definitely worked and it gave me an outlet to release some of the tension.

This morning, I was motivated by something new – relief.  Relief led me to a “2-a-Day” and it felt oh so gooooood 🙂

Workout 1: 5:30 am

Warm Up  
Arc Trainer 15 minutes
Stairmill 15 minutes – alt. 2 mins. single step/2 mins. double step
Chest & Tri’s  
DB Chest Press 20# DBs – 3 x 12 superset with
DB OH extension 20# DB – 3 x 10
  30 seconds plyo between sets
Seated Flye 45# – 1 x 15; 55# – 1 x 12; 60# – 1 x 10 superset with
Bent-over Tri Extension 10# – 3 x 10/arm
  30 seconds plyo between sets
Seated Incline Press 40# – 3 x 10
Tricep Cable Pressdown 35# – Elbows out 3 x 8 + Elbows in 3 x 5
Glute Circuit   
Standing Rear Leg Raise 2 x 15/leg 
Supine Exercise Ball Jacknife 2 x 15 
Lying Rear Leg Raise 2 x 15/leg 
Crunch 2 x 15
Weighted Standing Oblique  20# Med Ball 2 x 10/side
Elliptical 15 minutes

Workout 2: 3:30 pm

Elliptical 30 minutes
Reverse Grip Bent-Over DB Row 50# 2 x 15
  70# 2 x 10
Seated Row (holy poo this machine was hard!) 42.5# 3 x 10
Seated Reverse Flye (drop sets) 45# 1 x 15
  60# 2 x 5; 45# 2 x 5

What kind of relief would lead to these 2 sensational workouts, you might ask?  Ch-ch-ch-changes!  I said a hearty “farewell” to my job!  No more late night hours.  No more boredom at the front desk.  No more annoying member questions.  No more hypocrites (in that venue, anyway).  Good riddance!  Happy Heidi!

There’s one slight downside – I haven’t actually gotten that laboratory job that I interviewed for, but I’m waiting for news and still cautiously optimistic.  On the other hand, I am devoting more of my hours to my Event Staff job, have gotten a call from a new pet-sitting client and am otherwise back to the career hunt!  Odds are, if I don’t get this job, I will quickly grow bored but, right now, nothing can surpass this feeling of elation!  Not even gym-related injuries (Warning: pictures of feet ahead!)

See that icky red welt on the ankle?  Arc trainers bite – Hard! I had finished my 15-minutes this morning and had stepped down to grab the equipment cleaner.  Well, the pedals return to a neutral position by themselves.  This is a fact that wasn’t unfamiliar to me, I just wasn’t paying any attention and WHACK!  Took it right in the ankle.  I am prepared for a nasty bruise to accompany the welt since, 12 hours later, it’s still bright red.  Owwie!

Injuries aside, I feel amazing and relieved (did I say that already?).  Work-related anxiety is gone!  Celebrations continue tonight with tacos and, hopefully, tomorrow I will celebrate by picking berries with Mom! 

What emotions do you use the most during your workouts?


4 Responses to “Motivation”

  1. 05/04/2010 at 4:53 PM

    I wish I didn’t have to admit this, but anger and frustration have fueled many of my runs/workouts. It helped me get my frustration out and more often than not I felt better afterward.

  2. 05/04/2010 at 5:13 PM

    Congratulations on leaving the old job! I hope you hear soon about the other one.

    I use determination in my workouts a lot. 😀

  3. 05/06/2010 at 5:54 PM

    its so awesome to hear you sounding so positive and upbeat about this new turn of events 🙂 yay!!

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