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Flashback for Momma

In celebration of Mother’s Day, a mom-related flashback is in order, but first.. the other stuff!

My combined shoulder/leg day was split into 2 because, frankly, 45 minutes of cardio wore me out yesterday!  So.. I just did shoulders and worked on legs today.


Arc Trainer 45 minutes  
Overhead DB Press 20# DBs 3 x 10
  super set with plyo bursts 30 seconds
Upright Row  40# 1 x 12
  50# 2 x 10
  super set with plyo bursts 30 seconds
Bent Over Lat Raise,  10# DBs 3 x 6
Front raise, Lat Raise     
  super set with plyo bursts 30 seconds
Machine Crunch 50# 3 x 12
Standing Oblique Crunch 20# medicine ball 3 x 10/side
Lying Reverse Crunch   3 x 10


Arc Trainer 30 minutes  
Seated Extension 80#  1 x 12
  85# 1 x 10
  90# 2 x 10
Lying Leg Curl

Calf Raise





4 x 10

1 x 12

1 x 12

2 x 12

Plie Squat on Toes 50# DB 4 x 10
Bench Split Squat  15# DBs 3 x 8/leg
Elliptical Cooldown 15 minutes  

Today felt amazing.  I’m sure that it will lead to soreness, but it was so worth it.  I felt amazingly strong today!  Recovery meal today utilized some of those beautiful, hand-picked berries –

Creamy deliciousness!  I love how filling this stuff is and am actually debating a bowl for dinner.

Now then, it’s flashback time, is it not?  I can’t avoid bragging on my mom, especially how amazing she has been over the past year, even when dealing with the loss of her own father.  There aren’t enough words to describe her strength, support and love.  I’ll let pictures do the talking –

Love her.  Unconditionally.  Infinitely.  Love her!


Berry Season

One of my favorite things about the oncoming heat?  The freshest berries imaginable!  We had some epic rain this past winter and the fields, according to the experts, are producing the best berries yet! 

It was a perfect 85-degree day and Brookdale Farm was calling out loudly to Momma & I.  Usually, it takes a good hour or so to pick 4 or 5 large buckets of berries.  Today, we were fully stocked in 30 minutes.  Check out my take!

Purty, no?  I am already searching for fabulous strawberry recipes.  Got any suggestions?  After breakfast, Momma & I met up with Omah for a post-election day catch-up breakfast.  There’s a place near us called Pop’s Diner which serves amazing breakfasts and has wonderful service.  I downed 4 egg whites and a fruit plate and it was oh so tasty.  My body needed some protein in a bad way..

Why, praytell?  Before berries and breakfast, I made it to the gym (by 5:30 am, no less) and got in a killer cardio/back & bi workout:

Elliptical 30 minutes  
Back & Bi’s    
Close-Grip Lat Pulldown superset with 50# 1 x 12
  70# 2 x 10
Cable Bicep Curl 50# 1 x 12
  60# 2 x 10
1-Arm Kneeling Row super set with 30# 3 x 10
Concentration DB Curl 15#  3 x 10/arm
Exercise Ball Back Extension   3 x 10

I’m really loving this time off!  I debated heading back for a 2nd round at the gym, but my ankle is throbbing a bit from yesterday’s Arc Trainer mishap and I decided to rest it tonight in preparation for tomorrow’s shoulder and leg session.  I have written out a doozy!  Good thing I have the Wakeup Call Challenge to get me going.  Who needs coffee?!

Time off is also giving me opportunity to make some seriously good dinners like a taco celebration with hubby –

I had leftovers to use up as well, so tonight I concocted a Morningstar Grillers/Veggie/Shirataki mash up (like a complex, exciting Glee mash up for the tummy).  Feast your eyes –

Yummy, but it still left room for an evening snack.  And since it’s 9:40, I better hustle!  Til tomorrow…



I read a recent post by Gina about utilizing an emotion to fuel your workouts.  For Gina and one of her readers, anger is sometimes used. 

This past year, I took part in far more “angry gym sessions” than I care to count.  I had been so angry about the loss of many family members (both 2 and 4-legged) and friends, my cancer diagnosis and my inability to find a job that I was happy with and felt truly needed in.  Mixed with the anger, I held in confusion and sadness.  It seemed the only thing that I could control was my gym sessions and the progress that I made.  It definitely worked and it gave me an outlet to release some of the tension.

This morning, I was motivated by something new – relief.  Relief led me to a “2-a-Day” and it felt oh so gooooood 🙂

Workout 1: 5:30 am

Warm Up  
Arc Trainer 15 minutes
Stairmill 15 minutes – alt. 2 mins. single step/2 mins. double step
Chest & Tri’s  
DB Chest Press 20# DBs – 3 x 12 superset with
DB OH extension 20# DB – 3 x 10
  30 seconds plyo between sets
Seated Flye 45# – 1 x 15; 55# – 1 x 12; 60# – 1 x 10 superset with
Bent-over Tri Extension 10# – 3 x 10/arm
  30 seconds plyo between sets
Seated Incline Press 40# – 3 x 10
Tricep Cable Pressdown 35# – Elbows out 3 x 8 + Elbows in 3 x 5
Glute Circuit   
Standing Rear Leg Raise 2 x 15/leg 
Supine Exercise Ball Jacknife 2 x 15 
Lying Rear Leg Raise 2 x 15/leg 
Crunch 2 x 15
Weighted Standing Oblique  20# Med Ball 2 x 10/side
Elliptical 15 minutes

Workout 2: 3:30 pm

Elliptical 30 minutes
Reverse Grip Bent-Over DB Row 50# 2 x 15
  70# 2 x 10
Seated Row (holy poo this machine was hard!) 42.5# 3 x 10
Seated Reverse Flye (drop sets) 45# 1 x 15
  60# 2 x 5; 45# 2 x 5

What kind of relief would lead to these 2 sensational workouts, you might ask?  Ch-ch-ch-changes!  I said a hearty “farewell” to my job!  No more late night hours.  No more boredom at the front desk.  No more annoying member questions.  No more hypocrites (in that venue, anyway).  Good riddance!  Happy Heidi!

There’s one slight downside – I haven’t actually gotten that laboratory job that I interviewed for, but I’m waiting for news and still cautiously optimistic.  On the other hand, I am devoting more of my hours to my Event Staff job, have gotten a call from a new pet-sitting client and am otherwise back to the career hunt!  Odds are, if I don’t get this job, I will quickly grow bored but, right now, nothing can surpass this feeling of elation!  Not even gym-related injuries (Warning: pictures of feet ahead!)

See that icky red welt on the ankle?  Arc trainers bite – Hard! I had finished my 15-minutes this morning and had stepped down to grab the equipment cleaner.  Well, the pedals return to a neutral position by themselves.  This is a fact that wasn’t unfamiliar to me, I just wasn’t paying any attention and WHACK!  Took it right in the ankle.  I am prepared for a nasty bruise to accompany the welt since, 12 hours later, it’s still bright red.  Owwie!

Injuries aside, I feel amazing and relieved (did I say that already?).  Work-related anxiety is gone!  Celebrations continue tonight with tacos and, hopefully, tomorrow I will celebrate by picking berries with Mom! 

What emotions do you use the most during your workouts?


A (good?) start

I am trying.. I really, really am! 9:28pm is better than 10, right? I take baby steps to change.  Teensy, tiny, baby steps.. 

In other May goal news, I am going strong on Janetha’s Wakeup Challenge and took one big step toward those ch-ch-ch-changes today.  I’ll have many more details to come, but I feel a sense of freedom and sheer happiness.  The best part?  I can’t wait to celebrate by kicking some major bootie in tomorrow’s workout!

Celebrations begin tonight with leftovers and DVR catch-up with hubby.  Sighs of relief..


Welcome, May!

I love this month!  The weather is (usually) perfect.  I get to celebrate my first anniversary.  It brings the feeling of “change” – most often for the better.  I’m hoping to make some big changes this month, but I’d be jumping ahead of myself if I didn’t rewind to the goals I set for myself last month.

1. Body fat testing appointment – Yeah, didn’t quite do that, but more on this in my May goals! 

2. Snack before 10pm – I failed miserably on this front, but I blame my dinner time for this.  I don’t often eat dinner before 7:30 or 8pm so I’m craving my nightly popcorn by 10:30.  I take, literally, an hour to eat a bag of popcorn, which leaves me snacking past 11pm.  NOT GOOD!  How do I fix it?  See those May goals!

3. Run a 5k outdoors with no stopping – Done!  I was actually successful in this goal just a few days into the month.  The downside?  I didn’t run any further than a 5k once I completed this goal.  Fail.

4. Participate in another new activity with the hubby – We “browsed” a pet store, which happens to be more like a zoo.  It was several hours of fun!

So I was about 50/50 on my goals.  Better than nothing, right?  Any accomplishment is a move in the right direction!

Anyhow, I spent a good majority of this past week back up in Northern VA, admiring the grocery stores that I don’t have and eating my weight in Subway and soy chips.  I so wish we had a Wegman’s down here, but it will just have to remain my NoVa treat.  These have to be my favorite Wegman’s find –

High protein, yummy cheddar flavor.  What more could a snacker ask for?!  At least it made the hotel room meals a bit better.  I was so happy to return home to my stove (and hubby), though.  My first night back, I knew he would want some spaghetti so I gave the boy what he wanted and tossed together my own dish of deliciousness –

My mix had asparagus, mushrooms, zucchini, ground chicken breast, sauce and shirataki noodles.  AND I ate the entire pan in one sitting – Subway, it was not!  It was the best welcome home (next to hugs and kisses from the hubby, of course).

Once I got back home, I dove right into those aforementioned changes and hit up a gym that is not the one that I work at.  I know, I could be called a traitor, but this gym is amazing and affordable.  They offer more classes, more equipment that is always working and other exceptional amenities like a cardio movie theater, rock wall, smoothie bar and a wider variety of weight equipment.  You should have seen the smile on my face when I put this card on my keychain –

They just so happened to be giving away some yummy stuff the day I signed up.  It was a nice welcome gift –

I’ve seen the mini Luna’s on other blogs, but never in person.  I am saving it for tomorrow’s pre-workout snack.  I feel a bit guilty, but I can already see an improvement in the intensity of my workouts.  It lessens the guilt 🙂

So let’s get to May’s goals, shall we?  I didn’t do quite as well as I had hoped in April, so I am already set with 2 goals:

1. Body fat testing – I discovered that my alma mater, ODU, has a facility with a Bod Pod, which tests total body composition/density without submerging you underwater.  I came across a Bodybuilding forum where someone had gone to the facility and they had done his.  I’m guessing use of the Bod Pod costs between $25-50 so this month I plan to call and inquire and hopefully have a good idea of where I stand so that I can compare results.  It would have been nice to know my starting point 5 years ago, but there’s always room for improvement!

2. No more late-night snacking – Moving dinner up and going to bed by 11:30 every night should cut out the post-10pm snacks.  I really need to hold myself to high standards on this one!

3. Early morning Plyo (Wake Up Call Challenge) – Have you been over to meals and moves recently? Janetha is hosting a Wakeup Call Challenge this month and I am signed up and ready to go.  In fact, I started yesterday with 8 minutes of plyo before heading to the gym and did 6 minutes this morning.  I have always been a morning person, but this is an excellent warm-up to fuel my pre-gym fire!  I’ll be tracking my progress under the new link on my homepage titled “Wake Up Call” and would love it if you’d join us on our quest.   Go over to Janetha’s website and let her know you want to participate as well!

4. The biggest goal yet – Put in my 2 weeks notice at Bally – I know.  It sounds like a lofty goal, but I am very optimistic about my job interview last week for a laboratory assistant position at my alma mater 🙂  I have worked in the Bio department already and am hoping that it is enough pull to get me the job.  I am cautiously optimistic, but optimistic nonetheless. 

Not only that, but I feel unhappy about where I am now – as if I am wasting years of education.  I have felt this way for a while, but the unease is growing.  The new gym membership was another sense of freedom for me.  I can use the Bally gym for free because I work there, but getting another membership at a new gym is preparation for me to leave my current job.  I am so hopeful for my month of change and growth.

 Does May bring a feeling of change for you?  Have you set any goals for yourself for this month? 

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