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It was quite strange – 2 of my beloved shows introduced bloggers/blogging this week in completely different formats, but with similar stereotyping.

The first show that I happened to catch (all of my shows go straight to DVR for later viewing) was House. In the most recent episode, a woman falls ill and becomes a patient of Dr. House.  This woman blogs many times a day on EVERY aspect of her life including fights with her significant other (who is deeply upset by this).  She seeks guidance from her readers on some incredibly important, life-altering decisions.  While her blogging habits eventually assist the doctors in finding what ails her, it is still frowned upon and considered an invasion of privacy by her husband/boyfriend/whatever.

Later this week, on an episode of No Reservations entitled “Obsessed”, Anthony Bourdain dines with some popular food bloggers, including Steve Plotnick of Opinionated About Dining and Steven Shaw of eGullet.  During the episode, Bourdain finds amusement in their food picture-taking and the fact that they often become angry with each other based solely on differing opinions of food. 

I watched both episodes with my husband who was agreed with both Bourdain and the significant other in House.  He frequently finds humor in my photo-taking habits and would probably have my head if I were to ever share the intimate details of our arguments and his life.  On this aspect, I agree with him.  I simply do not feel comfortable seeking advice from people who I know solely from the internet.  The patient’s argument in House, however, was that her readers knew her better because of her ability to be so open with them; more so than she was in real life.  In the episode, she even noted that she wished her significant other had a blog so that she could know what he was thinking.

On this side of the tv, I thought “Just ask him.”   Would that not make more sense? 

The 2 episodes definitely had me thinking, but I feel comfortable in my blog habits.  I like to share my experience with new foods and recipes to use them in and I like having a log of eats and workouts.  I would NEVER share anything  that might embarrass or hurt someone who I love.  I might engage readers in dialogue regarding tough choices or personal topics, but the opinions of my family and friends would always rank higher than those of a readers.

So how do you feel about your blogging?  Do you think that you might be too open about your relationships and life or do you enjoy the feedback?  Do you ever feel like a geek for taking food photos and constantly analyzing what food you eat? Has another blogger ever angered you because he or she did not like something that you loved?


3 Responses to “bloggers on tv”

  1. 03/12/2010 at 8:19 AM

    I haven’t seen those shows but now I’m intrigued!

  2. 03/14/2010 at 11:28 AM

    Hey there! I think everyone has their own opinion and views on how and what they feel comfortable blogging about. And that’s what makes reading all the different blogs so much fun! I’m usually not so open with my blog but recently i decided to share my story and it felt realy great! But this is a personal choice. i would never ‘complain’ or share a story about someone else. It’s my blog and I focus on myself : ) haha

    I never watch House! Sounds interesting though. My bf always makes fun of my for taking photos of my food also



  3. 03/15/2010 at 2:55 PM

    I saw that episode of House.. and I thought the same thing… huh a blogger?! I have to say that I feel like some bloggers share way too much of their personal life on the internet. I really don’t want people to know every single thing that happens in my life.. yes I understand that as a blogger they will know a lot more than if I wasn’t blogging but still… I found the blogger on House very annoying!

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