4 on, 3 off

That’s my vote for weeks and weekends.  The weekends always seem to speed by too quickly, no?  I had a nice, relaxing one with the hubby with minimal work thrown in for good measure!

Yesterday started at the gym, of course.  I hit the elliptical for 30 minutes and worked on legs:

  1. Smith machine Squat: 10 reps at 70#; 10 reps at 80#; 10 reps at 90#
  2. Smith machine Calf Raises: 15 reps at 160#; 15 reps at 180#
  3. Leg Press: 10 reps at 70#; 10 reps at 90#; 10 reps at 110#  Ouchies!
  4. Deadlift: 10 reps x 2 with barbell + 50# (Totally had bad form on this one, as my back is KILLING me today!)
  5. Reverse lunges with 15# dumbells: 10 reps each leg x 2

Followed up with another 20 minutes on the bike and headed home to make some breakfast.  I made Steve his favorite fried eggs on toast and an egg white/spinach bowl for myself.  We debated pretty long and hard about a movie yesterday, but decided to wait.  So Walmart was on the agenda..

Note to self: Do not visit Wally World in the middle of a day on a Saturday.  Just don’t even think about it!  What a nightmare!  We managed to get a few items and some storage containers for Christmas decorations.  I am so sad to take them down.  Like weekends, the holidays also flee too quickly.

Like many other weekend days, I snuck in a nice nap between Wally World and dinner.  It was heavenly to sleep, but I didn’t feel supercharged when I woke up.  Just a little groggy..

I made my first pork tenderloin for dinner last night.  It was a prepackaged, marinated loin from HT and I won’t buy it again.  It was far too salty for my tastebuds to  handle!  Luckily, I had steamed broccoli and roasted acorn squash to fill the empty tummy holes!

Today was a little less mellow.  I hit the gym again, but my muscles were screaming for a break!  I did 45 minutes on the elliptical and waved the white flag.  A 500-calorie burn would just have to suffice for today.

Came home and made some awesome protein pancakes for me and crepes for hubs.  I subbed Fage 0% yogurt for the 1/3 cup cottage cheese and was pretty impressed.  These seemed more fluffy than the cottage cheese pancakes and had slightly more protein.  I gave my new purchase a whirl on top of the pancakes:

Walden Farms Calorie Free blueberry syrup.  Wouldn’t ya know.. it tasted pretty awesome when simmered with some TJ’s frozen blueberries.  My faith in Walden Farms products was restored with this purchase!  I probably won’t be trying their chocolate dip again anytime soon – it tastes far too much like fake sweetener and not enough like chocolate.

I had to work a women’s bball game today so my afternoon was not productive.  Steve & I had decided to go see Avatar in 3d Imax tonight, but that fell through when he saw that the Packers were playing.  We probably should have gone since they ended up losing..

I was pretty happy to return home to find that he had taken down dismantled the tree and put it away.  One less task for me 🙂

Dinner tonight was tacos/Heidi’s taco wrap and I’m set for a night of tv and relaxing.  I wish Monday wasn’t coming so soon..


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