Out of power.

I am too lazy to hunt for my charging cord and plug in my camera, so recent meals have gone without being photographed.  Sad.. I know.  Until I find that cord (tonight, I swear!), this post will be short and sweet.

I made a trip to The Fresh Market this morning.  TFM tends to be a little costly for my taste, so I only make infrequent trips, but I did find some goodies today including;

100 calories, 12g of fiber and 9 g of protein per wrap.  It made for a yummy wrap lunch with sliced grilled chicken, spinach and a laughing cow wedge!

I never realized how much protein (and how little sugar) could be found in Greek yogurt.  I followed my fellow bloggers and am looking forward to some yogurt goodness tomorrow morning!

And these were the best find.  In fact, I munched in the car on the way home and had to fight to keep from eating the entire bag!  They were so good!

These suckers are dangerous, but at least they’re good for you!

On tonight’s menu?  Mexican.  I need some good comfort food tonight.  After an appointment with my plastic surgeon (Not as in “nose job” plastic surgeon.. as in “abnormal mole removal” surgeon), he found another spot on my back that he will be taking off on Wednesday.  Granted, I’m completely annoyed at having surgery 2 days before Christmas, but I feel better having anything suspicious removed.  After being diagnosed with melanoma, any small abnormality just needs to be cut off!!

I don’t usually rely on food to make me feel better.  I’m more looking forward to a night out to dinner with Steve.  The food is just icing on the cake.  Maybe I’ll find that charging cord so that you can see how I try to “healthify” my Mexican.  Check out how Susan healthifies her favorite foods too!  She’s got some great inspirational ideas!

I’m on the charging cord hunt..


2 Responses to “Out of power.”

  1. 12/17/2009 at 1:49 PM

    i love greek yogurt! so good.

    Where in VA are you?

    • 12/17/2009 at 11:57 PM

      Me too! You can jazz it up in so many ways! I’m in Virginia Beach.. which definitely doesn’t feel like a beach right now. I saw that you went to a restaurant near VT. Are you in Blacksburg?

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