Oats in a Jar!!

I don’t often say this, but OMG!  My post-workout breakfast this morning made me want to tear through some peanut butter just to make “Oats in a Jar.”   I don’t often get so giddy (Steve is thinking I’m absolutely crazy right now), but these were totally worth the giddiness. 

I hit the gym at 8am and did 30 minutes of hills on the elliptical, a back workout and hauled tail home!  Back workout was:

  1. Iso-Lateral Low Row: 10 reps at 50#; 10 reps at 70# x 2
  2.  Close-grip Lat Pulldown: 10 reps at 60# x 3
  3. One arm Dumbell Row: 10 reps each side at 35# x 3
  4. Seated Cable Row: 10 reps at 70# x 3 

Can you tell that I really like rows?  I sprinted the track for 2 laps in between each exercise.  Total calorie burn in 50 mins was 510.  Max HR was 162 and Avg HR was 135.

As soon as I got home, I busted out the scraped out Better N Peanut Butter jar, added 1/2 C rolled oats, water, cinnamon and a diced apple.  I nuked it for about 2 minutes, suffered some slight overflow, stirred and indulged.  I know – it looks absolutely icky in the picture but it was amazing!  ALL oats should come in a jar!



The rest of the afternoon (before work) was devoted to my least favorite chore – laundry.  I’m okay with the sorting, the washing & the drying.  If I never had to fold a single piece of laundry, I’d be a happy girl!  I hate the folding!  The first time I folded Steve’s laundry after we moved in together, he requested that I fold his t-shirts differently so that he could see what was on the chest.  I nearly tore him a new one!  My anger at such a request was completely unjustified, but if he only knew how much I hated folding clothes…

I had to work a women’s bball game at ODU tonight, so I whipped up a strawberry/papaya/vanilla protein shake for lunch/dinner (linner?).  I am quite partial to BSN’s Lean Dessert protein.  It mixes well into both my smoothies and my oatmeal and has fewer calories per scoop than others. 

The only downside is that with the fewer calories comes less protein.  I will hunt for other protein powders at Sam’s Club on my next visit.  I have heard good things about EAS and I know that Sam’s carries it, so that will likely be my next attempt. 

I usually am quite excited about working bball games at the Ted, but they played so poorly against NC State tonight.  Bad passing, bad handling, awful shooting.  It was a very long game!  I usually eat 1/2 of a soft pretzel with mustard at the games when I work, but I took a Clif KidZ bar with me to snack on.  I absolutely love these:

I just got home from the (very sad) game and there’s a bag of Smart Pop popcorn waiting for me and a nice warm bed.  Yoga at 6am tomorrow.. I will get there.  I will get there.  I will get there.  I’m relying on positive reinforcement to help me out of bed in the morning!


1 Response to “Oats in a Jar!!”

  1. 11/23/2009 at 11:19 PM

    Mmmm, I love oats in a jar! Before I started blogging, I would have thought putting peanut butter or other nut butters on oats was BIZARRE, let alone putting the oats in the jar!!!

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