New bites and ankle biters

I think I’m starting to get used to the early alarm clock and with pulling myself out of bed before Steve.  I was up at 7am today to hit the gym – and I hit it hard.  I felt so motivated today!  Maybe it was the delicious Dark Chocolate Cherry Kashi bar..  Yum! 

I made it to the gym just as the doors were being unlocked and knocked out 30 minutes of intervals on the elliptical and some tri/bi/ab work:

  1. Tricep pushdown with rope – 10 reps at 60#, 10 at 70#, 8 at 80#
  2. Standing cable curl – 3 sets of 10 reps of “21’s” with 40#
  3. Skull crushers – 10 reps at 30# x 3
  4. Seated dumbell concentration curls – 10 reps at 15# x 3 each arm
  5. Ball crunch – 25 reps x 4
  6. Reverse crunch – 15 reps x 3
  7. Side plank – 10 reps x 3 each side
  8. Prone plank – 4 reps x 30 seconds

I did 2 laps around the track (each lap is about 1/15 of a mile) in between each exercise.  I followed up weight training with 20 mins on the bike.  Total calorie burn = 693.  Average HR was 132 and Max HR was 174.  And all before 9:30.  By the time I got home, Steve was still sleeping!  I love him too much to disturb his weekend sleep-ins.

But I did whip up a batch of crepe batter for him to wake up to and went to work on my first attempt of protein pancakes.  I was not even close to disappointed!  I used Susan’s recipe.  Wowzer, were they amazing!  I anticipated concrete-like, tough pancakes.  The resulting cakes were light and fluffy and full of cinnamon deliciousness!  Topped them off with some unsweetened applesauce and sliced, microwaved apples.  For just over 300 calories, it was a seriously filling breakfast! The result:

Work today was at the Convocation Center for a Disney Live children’s show; two shows back to back actually.  I was actually a bit excited to see the show.  I am a kid at heart, after all.  Unfortunately, I played receptionist today and missed both shows.  But it was an easy 7 1/2 hours of work!  Since the last show didn’t end until 8pm, dinner was at 9:30 and consisted of a mushroom and ham egg white pillow, slice of Trader Joe’s low cal wheat bread and a smearing of Better N’ Peanut Butter

This is deadly stuff.  I guarantee that if I sat with a jar and spoon, it would quickly disappear.  It left me with an empty jar, so I am attempting Oats-In-A-Jar tomorrow morning.  I couldn’t be more excited! 

6am yoga will come quickly. Night!


1 Response to “New bites and ankle biters”

  1. 1 Brandi
    11/23/2009 at 10:24 AM

    yay for oats in a jar! you’ll love it 😉

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