The insanity of a New Moon

I had very good intentions for a day with no work – a trip to the gym, followed by a full day with Steve.  I very rarely get a full day to spend with him anymore so we try to take full advantage of them! 

I got my quick (and I do mean quick) work out in with a few back/shoulder exercises and about 40 minutes of advanced step. 

  1. Bent over single-arm row: 8 reps at 30# x 3 each arm
  2. Overhead shoulder press: 12 reps at 30# x 3
  3. Close-grip lat pulldown: 10 reps at 60# x 3
  4. Dumbell lateral raise: 15 reps at 10# x 3 each arm

I could tell that my body was protesting when I was huffing and puffing at a heart rate of 155 – highly unusual.  So I ducked out of class early and headed home for some cleaning/breakfast.  I try to make Steve his fave – fried eggs on Italian bread – whenever I do make him breakfast.  Sadly, this doesn’t occur often enough.  I made my usual apple protein oatmeal.  I tried to be conservative – a trip to the movies was planned and I always splurge on some plain popcorn at the movies.  Isn’t it funny how a whole grain can be turned into something completely unhealthy by popping it in coconut oil?!  I feel a bit better ordering it plain, but I still have slight “guilt gut” afterwards.  I figure this splurge every 2 weeks won’t kill me 🙂 

On a side note, we went to see 2012 (NOT New Moon), but the New Moon-goers nearly ruined our movie experience.  I am convinced that they are all insane!  The obsession with this movie is beyond my comprehension.

We desperately needed to stop by Lowe’s after the movie for some things to fix our toilet and tub drain.  The downside to renting our condo is that we can’t just get new toilets to save on water.. ours use a TON per flush, yet the owner refuses to change it.  More insanity.

Another bonus to having a day off – I can cook dinner!!  I grilled some teriyaki chicken for hubs and made him some rice and broccoli (which really is the only veggie that he will eat regularly).  For myself – plain grilled chicken with a bit of salt-free garlic and spice seasoning and a mountain of carrots with Splenda and lots of cinnamon.  My fellow bloggers aren’t the only chicas who love cinnamon.  I think I go through a Sam’s Club-sized cinnamon shaker in 2 months. 

We enjoyed our dinner on the couch, watching this week’s Biggest Loser.  It was sheer heaven.  I am hoping for more of these days, but that would require a job with regular hours.  Anybody got one for me?


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