Pillow success!

This morning, as before, the alarm beeped at 5:30.  After 3 or 4 minutes of sitting/thinking/debating, I pulled myself out of a cozy bed and headed to the 6am hot yoga class.  I am SO glad that I did!  I felt incredible after class!  I rewarded myself with a super yummy breakfast.  I had not made an “egg white pillow” – recipe courtesy of Susan over at The Great Balancing Act – with any mix-ins until today.  I attempted one with fresh spinach, mushroom and chive.  Holy yumminess!  I added a couple of slices of Trader Joe’s low calorie whole grain bread, a smear of better n’ peanut butter and some sugar free apricot preserves.  I smiled with every bite!



And yes, we are still using wedding cocktail napkins – 6 months later!

I was feeling so great, that I went to the gym for a cardio burn and some heavy leg work.  I got in a good 15-min. interval workout on the elliptical, a 15-min. bike ride and a treat – very rubbery leg muscles with the following workout:

  1. Leg Press – 12 reps at 70# x 2 and 8 reps at 90#; mixed with 20 calf presses on the machine
  2. Stiff-legged Deadlift – 10 reps at 50# x 3 mixed with jogging and jumping jacks
  3. Leg Extension – 8 reps at 60# x 3
  4. Prone Hamstring Curl – 10 reps at 60# x 2; 8 reps at 70#
  5. Smith-machine Squat – 10 reps at 50# x 3

I have a feeling I will feel this tomorrow.  A recovery shake was so necessary – BSN Dessert Whipped Vanilla protein (1/2 scoop), frozen papaya and strawberries.  Oh my..


I had to work tonight @ Bally’s – 2pm until close.  I suppose the good thing about working at a gym is that it gives me motivation.  It’s hard not to be pushed when you’re constantly surrounded by good-looking trainers!  The downside is the off schedule that I share with Steve.  He’s gone during the day and I’m gone in the evenings.  I know it won’t last forever.. just until I find something more permanent.

Before I headed to work I had a lunch of 2 Morningstar Vegan Grillers with yellow mustard and low-sugar ketchup.  Along with a GINORMOUS gala apple.  Dontcha love Fall and it’s apple abundance!?  I also packed dinner, since it would be spent in the break room at Bally’s – spinach and turkey with Bountifuls dressing and a banana.


I am officially pooped.  I felt amazing from the workouts, but it’s definitely caught up!  I’m  hoping to make it to hot yoga tomorrow at 9am.  We’ll see how much my body protests in the morning!


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