Flaming chocolate

Today was the first day I have ever taken pictures of food that wasn’t actual art.  I never realized how ugly oatmeal is on camera!  Despite the appearance, it sure did taste yummy!

I had every intent of pulling myself out of bed at 5:30 to make the 6am hot yoga class, but the bed was cozy and my hubby looked so comfy.  I just couldn’t do it.  He’s up at 7:30 to head to work and I’m up with him at that time, every morning.  I was determined to make it to advanced step and needed a bit of energy prior to.

Enter bowl of oats – full of apples, cinnamon and vanilla bean torte Nectar Whey Protein. 

This is my favorite type of  fuel, but I knew Robin’s class would be killer so I mixed my normal pre-cardio energy drink.  

1/2 scoop of GNC Amplified N.O. Loaded which tastes like fruit punch and gives me a good kick in the pants! It’s 400mg of caffeine in 1 scoop though.  The first time I tried it, I used the whole scoop and thought my heart would explode!  I think I have a pretty decent ticker, but that was ridiculous!

I got to the gym a bit early so I did some weight work before class.  In 15 minutes, I did:

  1. Flat bench dumbell chest press – 8 reps with 30# x 3
  2. Kneeling bent over row – 10 reps per side with 35# x 2
  3. Flat bench dumbell flyes – 6 reps per side with 15# x 3
  4. Upright dumbell row – 12 reps with 30# x 3
  5. Bosu crunches – 25 reps x 4
  6. Reverse crunches – 15 reps x 3

All this before a KILLER hour-long advanced step class.  Overall I burned (according to the Polar) 1,010 calories; Max heart rate was 175 and average heart rate was 162 – a pretty good burn!  I was most definitely exhausted.

A quick stop at Trader Joe’s and I came straight home for a recovery shake at 11am:

1/2 scoop chocolate pudding BSN Dessert protein, 1 scoop Amazing Grass Chocolate Green Superfood powder, 2/3 cup frozen strawberries, water and 3 packs of Splenda.  Love!   This would hold me until my big Melting Pot dinner at 5pm with Patty!  I always look forward to MP trips.  I just wish it were a bit more affordable so that Steve & I could go more often.  Luckily, they were having Ladies Night tonight – all 4 courses (cheese, salad, entree & chocolate) for $25.  Even luckier, I was able to actually get reservations!  I usually attempt to make them about an hour after getting the email and they’re already booked.  Not tonight!

The grand finale: The Flaming Turtle chocolate fondue which is milk chocolate & caramel flambee’d at the table.

Completely cool, no?  Here’s the delicious plate of food they serve with it.  I munched on the strawberries & bananas and one of the marshmallows, so I didn’t feel too guilty about it!  I’m going to miss this girl so much when she relocates to ‘Bama, but her 2 daughters are both down South – they will be so happy to have their mom close by!                                     

A good day with a good ending.  Off to bed!


1 Response to “Flaming chocolate”

  1. 1 Patty Daigle
    11/20/2009 at 4:21 PM

    Hey Girlie!
    I love your blog got some awesome ideas… I am gonna be your stalker now, watch out! I had a great time last night with you at dinner, and that flaming turtle was awesome!
    Love ya Chica!

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